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Mind, Body, Spirit


Zukii Treatments

‘FREE TIME’ – ‘Empowering yourself’ and ‘Emerging’ feeling the true you;

‘ZUKII METAMORPHOSIS – An empowering luxurious 90 minute treatment with a free consultation, massage with specific essential oils, Reiki crystal healing and intuitive reading. All created and tailor made for your individual needs. Bringing complete elevation and integration of your body, mind and spirit

‘TIME OUT’ – Designed for your’Unique Transformational Needs’.

‘ZUKII PUPATE TRANSFORMATION – A special hour long treatment with free Consultation, an uplifting; upper body Massage with essential oils and Crystal healing. Bringing complete realisation to your physical and emotional needs.

QUICK FIX’ – For ‘your special time out’ to get ‘back on track’.


This is a very effective head, neck, shoulders and hand massage with or without oils using pressure points.

Using specific areas in your hands and face which relate to your body through this 30 minute silky cocooned treatment; you feel relaxed, rejuvenated and supported to encompass your own ‘personal power’ to recognise who you truly are.