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Mind, Body, Spirit


Soul Plan Practitioner

Soul plan is a multifaceted healing system based on the sound vibration of your birth name.

It defines your life purpose; talents that maybe lying dormant and challenges that prevent you from moving forward.

It supports you in discovering your soul destiny and degree of conscious awareness by using your birth name.

It will analyse your life and assist you to understand who you truly are in this life time and helps to awaken your enlightened path.

This system is a tool that comes highly recommended for understanding what you can achieve, discovering your soul purpose with healing remedies to support you with reaching your full potential.

Being a Soul Plan Practitioner and therapist of many treatments recommended in this healing modality; I am able to support your needs through your transition to a ‘spiritually awakened life’..

Soul Plan can also find you the perfect baby name, business name or even house name.. This modality can tell you exactly what you need to know in these areas of your life and so much more...