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Mind, Body, Spirit


Psychic Medium, Energy Healer, Tarot Reader and Spiritual Counsellor

I am here to support you with your individual needs and assist you in your healing process.

I work with you intuitively to find out what you need to improve your life.

Whether that's within your relationships, home or at work or indeed finding that special relationship you are looking for.

Identifying areas in your life that may be impacting on other life processes, causing you more challenges than necessary along the way.

Supporting you to alleviate these pressures and enhance your physical and emotional well- being.

Supporting you to release self-limiting beliefs, holding you back from reaching your full potential and happiness you truly deserve in life.

During my professional life I have worked with many client groups; young people, older people, young adults with learning disabilities and groups of women.

Empowering them to gain control in areas of their lives that have never been truly explored.

Providing practical holistic solutions to your personal issues that have a negative impact in your life; enhancing self-esteem, self-worth and self-belief. ‘Become the true you’.

Personally been through many emotional role coasters that had major impacts to my emotional well-being and I am here to share my strategies learnt along the way and support you through yours.

‘You tell me what you feel and your experiences through your eyes; and I will support you to see with better vision’..

By Tess (Zukii).

‘'Discovering your problems is the beginning. . . exploring them is your life’s journey and the solutions are within''